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  1. fence installation dallas
    8 foot Fence Framing
    8 foot fence framing in Dallas, Texas
  2. cedar fence company plano
    Cedar 8 foot side x side 4 inch pickets
    Cedar 8 foot side x side 4 inch pickets
  3. Cedar Fence company desoto texas
    Cedar 6 Foot Fence
    Cedar 6 foot fence 1 gate
  4. Western Red Cedar, 8 foot Board on Board w/ Cap & Trim
    Western Red Cedar 8 foot Board on Board w/ Cap & Trim
    Western Red Cedar 8 foot Board on Board w/ Cap & Trim
  5. Cedar Fence Company Arlington, Texas
    Cedar 8 Foot Fence Post Stained
    Cedar 8 Foot Fence Post Stained
  6. cedar fence company allen, texas
    Cedar 8 foot fence almost done!
  7. cedar fence company irving, texas
    Cedar Fence 8 foot, cap and trim
    Board on Board construction
  8. cedar fence company dallas, texas 75225
    3 foot post holes for 11 ft posts
  9. cedar fence company waxahachie, Texas
    cedar 8 foot fence with 4 inch pickets
  10. bishop arts, dallas, fence company
    8 foot cedar fence complete
  11. 8 ft Fence take down
    8 ft Fence take down
    We removed the old rails and pickets. The poles were good.
  12. fence company mesquite, texas
    Fence Prep
    Here we are prepping a fence for take down, new pickets placed near fence.
  13. Mckinney Fence company
    We left only the poles
  14. viking fence company
    8 Foot Fence framing
    2x4 rails and 2x6 kickboard

Our Fences are Built to Last 

We are a company you can trust.
We believe in quality products and quality work. 
We give clear and precise quotes.
We build your fence within a few days.
We educate our customers on all their build options.
We help our customers understand cost vs price.
​We love building fences. 
We love seeing our customer's big smiles when they see their new fence.

Your Fence Options:

Here are a few options for your fence. There are many variations from our economy fence to our fence with all the bells and whistles. 

Height - We install 6ft and 8ft fences (Ornamental and Chainlink too)
Styles- Side by Side, Board on Board, Shadow Box, Board on Board with Cap and trim or with just trim, Side by Side with trim, Dog eared. 
Materials: Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Ornamental, Chain Link  

Click on the gallery below to see our fence specifications:

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How to get started and how it works.

Give us a call, text or fill out the fence request form.​​
We will schedule a free estimate for your new fence.
We come out and measure your fence and explain the entire process and show you all your options.
Once we have the measurements, we usually give you the estimate onsite within 10 minutes.
If you agree with our quote, we take a down payment and schedule your installation.
Once your new fence is complete, the balance is due. 
Obstacles that affect your fence estimate: Shrubs, trees, rocks, stones, swimming pools that are close to fence, cement, accessibility to the property. 


Fence Picket Materials Defined


Western Red Cedar Picket
is our top of the line wood we use to build your fence. 
Sustainability- WRCedar is sourced from the best-managed forests in the USA.
Durability- Even without being stained this wood has natural preservatives that protect it from the weather, moisture, decay, and termites. This wood also is resistant to twisting, warping, cupping and shrinking. The growth rings are also a big factor to the durability of WRC, they are very close together. 
Aesthetics- The color is naturally pleasing to any eye, it is simply beautiful with its various browns and reds. ​​

Other Pickets Defined

Douglas Fir​ and Pine Pickets

DFir Info PDF
We use both Douglas Fir and Pinewood to build economical fences. Douglas Fir is preferred over pine because it is simply a harder wood. Pine and fir are two softwood species harvested in the Northern Hemisphere. They are both widely used in the building industry to provide lumber and plywood for homes and framed structures as well as to provide wood for cabinets and woodworking projects. They look similar but have different properties that differentiate them from one another.

Grain and Stability
Woodgrain denotes stability. If grain lines are straight and close together, wood is strong and stable. Fir has tight, close grain lines. Pine has broad grain lines that wander, making it far weaker than fir. The softwood between the grain lines shrinks and expands, making the wood cup or twist. Fir has little soft grain. Pine has much more soft grain. For stability and strength, fir is much less prone to warping or twisting, and much stronger than pine.

The Douglas fir and Pine we use are good products when built correctly. We suggest staining the pinewood within a year of installation. The Douglas fir we use usually comes pre-stained in a Golden brown color. See below: 
Prestain before we install
Stain after install
choose your paint/stain

Staining and Painting

How We Build a Quality Fence Like No one Else:

A strong frame is important when constructing anything. Without "good bones" everything else falters. This is true when building a new fence. Using 2x4 rails is our way of building you a robust fence structure that will last for the years to come. 

Our Railing Standard:

Wester Red Cedar
2x4 Railing

Pressure-Treated Pine 
2x4 Railing

We do not use 2x3 rails. We see 2x3 as a shortcut that will lead to problems. The 2x3 rails are simply not strong enough to hold the pickets. After some time they bend and buckle in the middle. 

WRC 2x6 Railing​​

Pressure-Treated Pine 
2x6 Railing

We use 2x4 railings and 2x6 Kickboard because anything else falls below our standards. The wood type comes in Western Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine. We custom pick the pine and cedar boards to get you the straightest ones. Choosing WRC would be the best choice. The Pine is a good choice because it is pressure treated making it weatherproof. Another advantage of pine railings is they come in 16ft lengths, this makes the fence have fewer gaps in the framing.     

Strong Fence Brackets



Hex Zinc Plated Lag Screw

Simpson Strong-Tie PGT2E-R50 – Pipe Grip Tie for 2-inch Pipe
Our popular PGT pipe grip tie series now includes more models to meet a variety of conditions for attaching wood fence rails to metal fence posts and eliminating rotted and failed wood posts. PGT is suitable for standard applications as well as corners and splices. The PGTIC2Z-R is an interior corner pipe grip tie.
Used to fasten pipe grip tie to the 2x4 or 2x6 creating a very strong connection making for a robust fence

Strong Concrete Mix

We use several types and amounts of concrete mix per post hole depending on the height of each fence. We are sure to use the correct amount of concrete to insure fence longevity.