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We have mastered the SOD installation process. We follow a strict plan step by step that insures your SOD will take root and flourish. We use a BCS tiller made from Italy. This machine tills the ground like no other tiller. We remove existing weeds and grass but leave the good soil behind.  We are licensed irrigators. This gives us an advantage over other companies. Checking your sprinkler system is essential to safe-keep your investment in your new SOD lawn. We will never be your lowest bid. We will give you quality SOD and a quality installation. We take pride in every square of SOD we install. 
SOD DELIVERY Only: Fill out the Request form and let us know either: What type of SOD, How many square feet or how many pallets of SOD you need delivered. You can also call or Text your request. 

SOD DELIVERY and Installation: This is what we do best! One pallet of SOD weighs 2,000 pounds! It's a lot of work. We have been installing for many years and we install your new SOD lawn in one or two days. Simply fill out the request form, call or text 214-704-9432. See below about our installation process and watch our video. 

How it Works? 
1- You fill out the free request form on our website or just give us a call to set up your FREE ESTIMATE.
2- We come out to your property and measure your lawn for SOD and any other service you may need like: Sprinkler Installation/Repair, Tree Services, Fence Install, Stonework, Flower beds and more.
3- We email you a quote in PDF format or give you the estimate onsite.  
4- Once you approve our awesome estimate, you can mail your deposit to us or we can pick it up. 
5- Once your deposit is received, your sod installation is scheduled. 
6-  You will have a new lawn, professionally installed. Follow our SOD CARE TIPS to insure a healthy lawn.

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St. Augustine Raleigh SOD: (Stenotaphrum secundatumGreat in the shade. Has a coarse texture and a thick blade and creates a robust turf. ​Requires more water than the other types of SOD. 

St. Augustine Palmetto SOD: Best in the shade. Has a thick blade (blades are slightly thinner) and creates a thick turf. ​Requires more water than the other types of SOD. Resistant to chinch bugs. Hardy and stays green longer than Raleigh.

Bermuda Tifway 419
Bermuda Celebration
Common Bermuda
More drought tolerant than St. Augustine, Bermuda SOD has a thin wirey blade. This grass is used on golf courses, football fields. Is faster to recover from foot traffic. There are various types that differ in color and texture. 

Zoysia Pallisades, Empire, El Torro, Cutlass (thicker blades)
Zoysia Zeon, Emerald, L1F, Cavalier, Geo (thinner blades)
The more exotic grass of all the SODs. From South East Asia, Zoysia (japonica) grass (SOD) has smooth blades. There are a variety, basically a fine blade and a thin blade. For example, Zoysia Pallisades resembles a miniture St. Augustine look, where Emerald look more like Bermuda. Zoysia has a deep root system that makes it more drought tolerant than the other grasses. Zoysia is also the most expensive SOD to purchase.